Redeemable QR Code

The QR Code by Ovaly application supports creating a QR Code upon each of new order has been placed on Shopify store. Here are few customer stories where the redeemable QR Code applies to.

Customer Story 1: Jacelyn who is working for an traveling agency. Her customer usually book the traveling trips on the website. When payment completed, the website will send customer an email with a serial number to identify their boarding pass for the trip. Before the trip starts, customer must appear at the agency office and show their serial number to Jacelyn for verifying the information.

Customer Story 2: During Covid-19 time, Jack's customers cannot go to the gym because traveling restriction. The city authority asked every stores practise social-distancing immediately. Thus Jack wants to reduce the risk for his staff when customer enter the gym by installing a QR Code scanner at the door. Customers only need to scan their gym-pass which has QR Code printed and easily access the facilities.

How to Activate Redeemable QR Code feature?

This feature is in pilot stage, we are welcome early birds, so every store owner who subscribed a plan on the app can use this function.

How to integrate with my store?

Please contact us to have details instruction.