Transparency effects to text, border and background

Sometimes you need to change the text, background and borders to transparent. Do the following:

Step 1: Go to the Design Badge

On store back end go to Apps >> Product Label >> Click Design Badge on the left menu (see image bellow)

Step 2: Add transparency effects

Go to Size & Background child tab to add transparency to border and background(see image bellow):

  • If you want to add transparency effect to border, please click on Transparent button on Border color input
  • If you want to add transparency effect to background, please click on Transparent button on Background color input.(see image bellow)

Go to Text(n) child tab to add transparency to text

  • If you want to add transparency effect to text, please click on Transparent button on Text color input(see image bellow):

Step 3: Click Upload button and check result.

The end.