Publish label to a new theme

This guide help you to migrate the current label's setting to a new theme (cloned/modified or fresh theme).

Note: this guide also helps to test against un-published theme in case you want to pre-view if the app works on your new theme.


Let's start to configure your theme.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings page, section THEME and select which theme to install the app.

The right hand side panel indicates that your theme has not been configured with the app.

Click Install app on this theme to start the process.

Step 2: Theme already configured but remains un-published.

Click Sync labels to theme THEME_NAME to publish all existing labels from active theme to the selected theme.

Step 3: Visit your store in the pre-view mode of the selected theme and check the result.

If your new theme has different HTML structure than the existing theme, you may need to configure the setting, see this guide for manually configure your theme. Or please consult app's developer at [email protected] if you are not confident.


The end.