Uninstall App

Note: for some reason you could not find the files at a certain step, please skip that step.

Please following these steps to remove the app's assets in your store Admin, go to Online Store then Themes, select your active theme and select menu Edit code.

Step 1) Finish this step, the app will no longger load on your front end (Mandatory)

Remove the following lines in Layout/theme.liquid then save the file.

  • {% include 'fhsprod-labelme-init' %}

Step 2) Clean up app's files (Optional)

In Templates section, delete the following files:

  • search.fhsprod-labelme-json.liquid 

Step 3) Clean up app's files (Optional)

In Snippets section, delete the following files:

  • fhsprod-collection.liquid
  • fhsprod-labelme-init.liquid

Step 4) Clean up app's files (Optional). If you cannot find this file, do not worry because your theme does not support this feature.

Open the file  Snippets/product-grid-item.liquid, delete the following line:

  • {% include 'fhsprod-product-grid-item' %} 

Well done! You have completely removed the app from your theme.

Thank you for your time being with us.